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9 replies that will make arrogant people respect you

Arrogant people possess some traits of people with narcissistic personality disorders, corresponding to the following psychological diagnosis.

9 replies that will make arrogant people respect you
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They think they are unique and exquisite, and they can only be understood by people with a high and special social status.
They deserve excessive admiration.
They expect everything to happen just as they want or suppose.
They exploit other people, that is, they take advantage of others to achieve their personal goals.
They are incapable of recognizing or identifying the feelings and needs of others.

To give a proper response to an arrogant person speaks of self-confidence. Arrogant people openly show their contempt for others, and can be easily indisposed – unless they get one of these nine answers:

1. What makes you think that?

This sentence will help an arrogant person to understand that they cultivate stereotypes in their thinking, and they are far from objective. They will cease to express such thoughts only when they are warned that what they say is wrong.

2. Ouch!

If your feelings or someone else’s feelings are hurt, tell this to an arrogant person directly. Offenses and insults should not be tolerated.

3. You know, my mom’s the same…

An arrogant person defines people according to racial criteria, qualifications, etc. They try to gain through the abuse of others.

You can stop negative discussions if you suggest that one of your relatives is exactly the same as the person they are talking about in negative terms. This makes an arrogant person understand that these words are an insult to you and you will not tolerate offenses.

4. Do you know that there are other opinions?

Everyone has the right to their own opinion. But arrogant people have to understand that negative comments regarding other people should be excluded.

9 replies that will make arrogant people respect you
Photo: Pexels.com

5. Tell me again, how are you better than them?

An arrogant person believes they are better than others. Ask them to explain why you need to have a different attitude towards them. You may hear some very interesting explanations, but most likely they will avoid a direct answer.

6. I would be grateful if we changed the topic!

Stop the conversation with an arrogant person in a style just as categorical as theirs. This sentence will help to put an end to offensive comments. An arrogant person has no ears for others, and this is why you must put an end to such discussions in a meaningful way.

7. Please stop!

The simplest way to end a conversation with an arrogant person is to leave it.

8. I’m sure you didn’t intend to sound so arrogant, did you?

This wording allows an arrogant person to correct themselves, because they have the possibility to answer that they didn’t want to sound tough and arrogant. At the same time, these words will signal that you don’t encourage an attitude of demeaning other people.

9. I hope you know how arrogant you are sounding just now

Emphasize that you think this behavior is unacceptable. Psychologists specializing in the study of character state that modest people are not concerned about their own person, while arrogant ones have an exaggerated opinion of themselves and tend to manipulate others.