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9 reasons why your wallet is always empty

“I need to buy something, but I don’t have any money. What can I do?” – If you often ask this question, this article today is certainly for you.

9 reasons why your wallet is always empty

We found nine objective reasons why many people never seem to have enough money. The cause is not a lousy salary or an economic crisis, but yourself.

1. Piling up money

It seems paradoxical, but people who are not stingy suffer less often because of lack of money. Money shouldn’t be stored, but kept circulating.

2. Money doesn’t fall from the sky

Money doesn’t come from nowhere. If you sit around and wait for it, you are wasting your time. Money is earned! Work and invest – other legal sources of income don’t exist.

3. Working for free

The work you do creates added value, and somebody ultimately earns profit from it. A simple “thank you” for overtime work or additional services is not what you deserve. Keep in mind that work done for free is not valued.

9 reasons why your wallet is always empty

4. “If he is rich, he must steal!”

That’s how we might have been taught in the 1990’s, but times are changing. Today you can earn money honestly, morally and legally; it is important to put effort into it and value your work. Having a lot of money is no longer shameful!

5. “Money is dirty”

Money is not simply paper that you can use to buy things. It is the countervalue of the work you have done. Money may be dirty if it’s earned in dirty ways, but it if it’s earned through honest work, it reflects your contribution to the economy.

6. Loans are part of your life

Loans and very expensive! Anyone who goes into debt loses much more than what he or she wins. Strive not to spend more than what you earn.

7. You don’t invest in your growth

Surely after a hard day’s work, it’s the easiest to lie down and turn on the TV or browse on social networks. But what is the use of that? Knowledge is the most important possession, and 90% of the trades are based on capitalization of knowledge, not raw work. Today the Internet offers us enormous possibilities for professional development, so don’t miss this opportunity!

9 reasons why your wallet is always empty

8. You work too hard

Don’t worry exclusively about work and money. Take advantage of your spare time and holidays, and spend some quality time with family, friends and relatives. Go to the theater, cinema, exhibitions and other cultural events. Setting some non-job related goals for yourself can offer a lot of pleasure.

9. You have forgotten about some basic things

  • Plan your budget
  • Buy quality, not quantity
  • Value the things you have
  • Eat healthy. Treatment is always more expensive
  • Have regular medical checkups
  • Pay your bills on time

And, of course, don’t forget that money itself doesn’t bring happiness. The most important thing is to have the right attitude concerning finances, which is just a means, not an end in itself!