9 reasons why you should eat at least one slice of watermelon per day!

During these days the market is full of watermelons and it is a great idea to eat some every day. Watermelon is a very healthy summer fruit, and even eating a small amount every day you can do a lot for your health.

1. It makes the skin healthier. If you eat watermelon regularly, your skin will become shinier, healthier and firmer. Vitamin A found in watermelon renews body cells and hydrates the skin.

2. Lycopene found in red fruits as well as vitamin C and potassium help prevent heart problems and reduce bad cholesterol.

3. It improves the functioning of the kidneys. Watermelons contain 90% water in which lots of beneficial minerals and vitamins are diluted. This juicy fruit cleans the kidneys very efficiently and it detoxifies the body.

4. It improves the eyesight. Due to its vitamin A content, this fruit improves the eyesight, so its deterioration due to old age can be prevented if you consume a lot of watermelon.

5. It strengthens the bones. Due to its lycopene and potassium content, watermelon makes bones healthier and stronger, so they are not going to become brittle with old age.

6. It reduces blood pressure. If you are struggling with high blood pressure, it is recommended for you to eat a lot of watermelon. The magnesium and potassium content of this fruit helps reduce blood pressure.

7. It reduces muscle pain. If your muscles are inflamed and painful, you should drink watermelon juice to soothe these symptoms.

8. It relieves asthma. Vitamin C found in watermelon reduces the symptoms of asthma.

9. It protects from prostate cancer. Antioxidants found in watermelon can prevent tumors, especially the development of prostate cancer.

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