9 men in overalls playing Habanera on the most unusual instruments

If anyone had ever told us that the famous solo from the opera “Carmen” by Bizet will one day be interpreted on screws, hoses, bottles and metal pipes, we would have thought the person was crazy. But the following video proves that sometimes the impossible may become possible.

Nine men in a machine shop, dressed in worker’s overalls, offer a most unique interpretation of the opera “Carmen” by Bizet. The musical instruments are various objects and accessories usually found in shops. What is absolutely amazing is that in the hands of these men the screws, nails, pipes and hoses give out the exact sounds to reproduce the famous melody faithfully.

Each of the “musicians” has built an ad hoc instrument to play the popular melody. The main melody line is played on an old upright miniature piano, while the rest of the orchestra plays on instruments made in the workshop. They even use a balloon to produce sharper and higher sounds.

No doubt that these musicians love making music, and can give an idea to shop workers to party this way, provided that they are music fans. But the visual and auditory impact will sure surprise and delight all viewers of the video.

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