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The 9 most frequent mistakes made by iPhone owners

These are the most frequent mistakes iPhone users commit:


The phone is always left on
Phones should be closed from time to time; otherwise, the battery will weaken faster than necessary, announces Huffington Post. Even if the phone is inactive, when it is on standby for prolonged periods of time, the battery is still being discharged, and it will lose its properties over time. Of course, many people use their phones as an alarm clock, so it may be impractical to turn them off. However, experts recommend the use of a separate alarm clock and turning off the phones during the night. If this is not possible, the phones should be turned off during the day for a while when we don`t really need them.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are always on
When an iPhone is open but not in use, leaving Bluetooth and Wi-Fi running make the phone lose energy for no reason. When you walk in the street, for example, you most probably don`t use these features, so it`s the best to turn off both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, turning them on only when you need them.

Using phones at extreme temperatures
Smartphones are not made to be used when the temperature is below 0 °C or above 35 °C. In these conditions, the phones are over solicited, and the battery depletes much faster, to the point of causing the phone to shut down temporarily. You should close your phone in extreme temperatures, or use it without taking it out from your bag, find some shade or take some other protective measure according to the circumstances.

The phone remains plugged overnight
Charging phones at night seems the most convenient solution, but it is not a recommended one. On long term, this practice affects the battery, which will start to deplete faster than necessary. Try to charge the battery during the day when you can unplug the device right away when the battery is fully charged. If this is not possible, use a programmed plug, which stops charging the phone after a set time period.

Using third party chargers
Genuine chargers are expensive, but they are worth the investment. Third party chargers may damage phones and sometimes they may even cause explosions or fires. If you have already purchased a third party charger, there is a solution: Apple offers a new charger at a reduced price if one turns in a third party charger.

Phones are not cleaned properly
Nowadays, phones are used all day, in every place possible, so they may harbor more bacteria than the toilet bowl. Apple recommends using soft paper tissues to wipe off the screen. For disinfection, there exist products that use ultraviolet light to destroy bacteria.

Filming in portrait mode
Even though this technique doesn’t damage phones, the image quality will be lower and video clips recorded in this mode will be difficult to follow. Also, most users hold their phones in the vertical position during filming. Specialists recommend holding the devices horizontally, and using both hands to hold the phone. The reason why TV screens are in landscape position is that this matches a property of the human eye: our horizontal vision is larger than the vertical one, and movies made with the phone in landscape position are also easier to follow. Besides, the resolution is better this way, and using both hands reduce the jerking of the image.

Leaving the phone unblocked or without a password
According to Apple specialists, approximately half of Smartphone users don`t secure their phones by using passwords. Of course, a password won`t protect you from thieves, but at least they won`t have access to your personal data.

Carrying your phone in your hand
Many users don`t realize that iPhones are very valuable to thieves, as they can be sold rapidly and easily on the black market. The demand for them is high, and studies show that about 40% of all thefts in a city imply mobile devices. The bottom line is, always keep you phone in an inaccessible pocket when you don’t use it!