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8 traits a modern gentleman should possess

The gentleman is an endangered species. By ‘gentleman’ we don’t mean a man with a flawless look, but rather with a flawless attitude. There is a famous saying which says that the difference between a man and a boy is the price of their toys. But then, what is the difference between a man and a gentleman? The answer is their manners, and much more.

Source: Flickr.com
Source: Flickr.com

Here are some other qualities that you must possess if you wish to be a true gentleman:

  1. A gentleman always treats people with respect

This seems much easier said than done. We live in a diverse society, but the richness of the individual characteristics leads to an abundance of prejudices we all fall prey to. We label people and measure them up according to their physical appearance, race, ethnicity, color, religion, politics, sexual inclination, personal choices and lots of other features, and we treat people according to the label we have attached to them. A gentleman (and a true lady as well) will treat everyone with respect, regardless of any number of different opinions.

  1. A gentleman knows how to argue his position

Different points of view often lead to heated arguments and major conflicts. In a small group, a gentleman will always know how to voice his opinions in such a manner as to not only support his point of view but not to offend anyone because of their opposing ideas.

  1. A gentleman will not allow himself to be trampled on

Respecting other’s opinions doesn’t mean that one has to become a doormat. A gentleman will be able to counter any argument, but will not accept an insult. However, he knows that violence, whether physical or verbal, is definitely not a solution, and a gentleman in every sense of the word never displays such primitive habits.

  1. A gentleman knows how to accept and admit his mistakes

No one is perfect, and most likely will never reach perfection as a human being, especially considering that even opinions on what it means to be perfect are very different. However, an evidence of psychological maturity and spiritual elegance for a person is to recognize their mistakes and learn from them. It is certainly easier to blame someone else for our mistakes, even in failed romances, but this habit is unfair, unproductive and cowardly. A true gentleman will never put the blame on a woman he loves, or on anyone else.

  1. A gentleman will always respect relationships

Whether it’s about a romance, relationships within the family or a group of friends, a gentleman will know his priorities and will juggle them to create equilibrium in his life. Of course, this will be impossible without making a few compromises here and there, and without using a touch of diplomacy. A true gentleman will know how to make each loved one feel special and valued, even from a distance.

    Source: Flickr.com
    Source: Flickr.com
  1. A gentleman takes care of his image

Presentable attire can open more doors than we imagine. An outfit doesn’t need to be expensive to reflect a certain attitude. Often we don’t pay for quality as much as for the label. A gentleman knows how to dress properly without upsetting his budget. Many fashion mistakes men make may be the surest way to personal and professional failure. There is no manual for how to be properly dressed; all that is needed is compliance with some very simple rules. Shorts, short sleeve shirts, bright colors, bold prints and colorful socks should belong to teenagers and to the retired. A gentleman will know how to choose outfits which are suitable both in cut and in materials.

  1. A gentleman will always seek to improve himself

From the first breath to the last, life is a succession of lessons. It is important to know how to take advantage of these lessons and to learn every day. Therefore, a gentleman will always cultivate his mind and always seek to broaden his horizons; he always will be eager to get out of his comfort zone and have new experiences.

  1. A gentleman is independent in every respect

One of the first aspects we think about when we talk about independence is the financial one. In addition, a gentleman will know how to be independent in his private space as well. To deserve the handle Sir, he must know how to take care of himself just as if he lived alone. He will not consider the vacuum cleaner, the stove and the washing machine as appliances that belong exclusively to women, and he will use them accordingly.