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7 surviving techniques that might even save your life in a critical situation

In today’s modern world, we have almost completely forgotten what life was like without modern devices. What would we do if one day we were left without mobile, computer, TV, laptop, microwave oven, smartphone, dishwasher and so on?

Source: Capture YouTube
Source: Capture YouTube

Below, you can look at some practices and techniques that can help you even if say you are lost in the woods, or you have to manage for a couple of hours without electricity.

For example, you can use a coke can to make a lighting device, and can filter water with the aid of two jars and a cotton thread.

Place several smaller pieces of charcoal into a egg carton, place the carton underneath the oven grate and set it on fire – this solution will replace a gas burner.

Burns and scratches can be treated effectively if you rub the injured area with crushed rosemary leaves.

You can make an “organic” microwave oven from an open cardboard box lined with aluminum foil. Place a close-faced cheese sandwich into the box and place the box in direct sun so the sunrays hit the foil directly. The cheese will quickly melt and your sandwich will shortly be ready.

Pour a small amount of olive oil into a coke can and insert a wick made from rolled-up paper so one end reaches the bottom of the can, but the other end overhangs it. Light the paper wick and use it as a candle.