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6 Unusual Uses for Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is more than a simple cosmetic product. You can use it to remove difficult stains or to “silence” screeching hinges.

Source: wikipedia.org
Source: wikipedia.org

Before reading on, keep in mind that the following ideas are for shaving cream only, and NOT for shaving foam.

1. If you want to stop bathroom mirror becoming fogged, simply spread a bit of shaving cream over it before taking a shower.

2. To remove stains from the carpet: first wet soiled area of a carpet, then apply shaving cream. Rub area well with a wet sponge and let it dry. This procedure works for removing stains from clothes as well.

3. To remove paint from hands: you have painted all day, and you can’t get rid of paint stains on your hand. Rub some shaving cream vigorously into your skin, and then wash it off with soap and water.

4. For squeaky clean bathroom: clean taps and other chromium-covered objects with shaving cream. Use a wet sponge for rubbing.

5. To clean old jewelry: use shaving cream and toothpaste to make old jewelry shine like new.

6. A solution for screeching hinges: put shaving cream directly on the problem hinges.