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6 things you shouldn’t talk about to your friends

When you are happy, you want the whole world to know about it, even though happiness grows the best in silence, away from envious eyes.

6 things you shouldn’t talk about to your friends
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There are some things that you only should tell to your spouse and family, such as the following.

 1. Your plans for the future

Don’t talk about your long-term plans to your friends, especially when these plans are still in the making. Some plans will inevitably fail because we are too critical about them.

2. Your good works

Christianity argues that any good deed must be kept secret, because this is the only way we will receive a reward for it. People who tell everyone how many good deeds they do and how they are prepared to always help others make people see their big ego instead of their goodness.

3. Lifestyle

We shouldn’t reveal much about details of our lifestyle, little sleep, food or our relationship either.

4. Spiritual Knowledge

What some people know is not obvious to everyone, so we don’t have to boast about our spiritual knowledge. What we feel and believe will be obvious in our behavior anyway.

6 things you shouldn’t talk about to your friends
Photo: Pexels.com

5. Family Problems

If you are a wife, don’t talk about your husband’s shortcomings to your relatives and acquaintances. If you are a husband, don’t say anything bad about your wife. A family is strong when the problems are kept within the family.

6. The actions of others

We can soil our shoes, but also our souls if we spread rumors or talk about the failures of others, accuse people or use nasty words to describe them. If you are witnessing such a conversation, don’t ever contribute to spreading any negative comments. Keeping quiet is good, safe and kind.