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6 small mistakes that prevent you from losing weight

According to World Health Organization data, obesity has almost tripled worldwide over the past 40 years. Losing weight is a very difficult task; people are trying to follow different diets or exercise until they drop, and yet in some cases there is no significant change.

6 small mistakes that prevent you from losing weight

This may be because there are some bad habits many of us practice every day that prevent losing weight, such as the following:

1. Skipping breakfast

Researchers have confirmed that those who eat breakfast store fewer calories than those who skip breakfast. During the study, 350 adults were examined and those who ate breakfast each day had less fat accumulated on their lower back than those who had no breakfast.

2. No drinking enough fluids

Because water helps to burn calories, it starts the process of losing weight. Observations suggest that if you consume more than one liter of water a day for a year, you can count on a weight loss of up to 2 kg.

3. Eating late in the evening

The body will not be able to process and burn calories resulting from late evening snacks and weight gain will be the result.

6 small mistakes that prevent you from losing weight

4. Low-fat diet

It may seem incredible, but following a low-fat diet results in weight gain. The human body needs a sufficient amount of fat, as calcium and vitamins A and D are soluble only in fat.

5. Diverted attention

Do not get distracted by watching a film or surfing the net while eating. If you do not pay attention to eating, you tend to eat more than you need.

6. Sitting all day

If you do sedentary work, try to perform some refreshing exercises every hour, as the lack of movement also favors obesity.