A 52-year-old Estonian contortionist in America’s Got Talent – watch the fantastic performance

The jury and the audience of America’s Got Talent were awed by a 52-year-old contortionist. The man is called Vello Vaher, and he traveled overseas from Estonia to conquer the United States.

In the beginning the communication is very difficult, especially when the jury asks the man what he is doing for living. He answers that he is teaching kids to acrobatics, which Simon misunderstands and he thinks the man said he teaches geese. After joking around for a while, the leader of the jury finally allows Vello to show what he can do. His strong accent notwithstanding, Vello impresses the jury with his breathtaking talent and flexibility, and what he can do with his legs and his whole body is absolutely unbelievable. 

The climax point of the act is when Vello hangs from a rope holding up his whole body weight only with his teeth. Naturally, he gets a huge ovation from the amazed audience. If you like the production, share it on Facebook.

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