5 tricks to have stronger and faster Wi-Fi signal

Nowadays most households have wireless Internet connection. However, it can be very annoying if the signal is weak and makes our work inefficient. Now we are going to show five tricks that can help you to make the Wi-Fi signal in your home stronger.

1. Place the router in the middle of the room

The antennae of the router broadcast the signal around, so make sure to place the router in the middle of the room. This way the signal will be strong in every corner of the room.

2. Places the router as high as possible

Make sure not to cover the router and place it as high as possible to have a strong signal. Don’t keep it under the table or on a shelf. Also, don’t put it on the floor, because in this case your neighbor below will be the one who benefits from the strongest signal.

3. Don’t place other electronic devices near the router

Electronic devices such as a TV or computer and especially wireless devices such as phones and remote controls will interfere with the signal if placed too close to the router.

4. Play with the antennae

If the router has two antennae, set one in vertical and one in horizontal position. This way the router will transmit the signal much better.

5. Use a Wi-Fi map

There are some special apps that can detect the strength of the Wi-Fi signal in your home. Upload such an application and use it so it can show you the ideal place for the router.


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