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5 tips on how you can be beautiful without makeup

As we all know, beauty and femininity start from the inside. If somebody is happy, poised and confident, these will show in her appearance as well. Now we will show 5 tricks on how to be radiant without makeup.

Source: Flickr.com
Source: Flickr.com

A good advice

Makeup is an indispensable everyday accessory; the problem is that it damages your skin. When back home, wash makeup off to protect your skin. To look nice without makeup, you only need to do a few things, and the results will be obvious in a very short time. Take a look at ways you can accentuate your natural beauty without any cosmetics!

1. Skin care
The key of beauty is healthy, smooth and clean facial skin. It is important to moisturize it every day, as it is even more susceptible to damage during colder months.

2. The eyebrows
One of the must have’s of a well-groomed look is nice eyebrows. Make sure to keep them look neat at all times.

3. The eyes
Eyelashes can call the attention to your eyes nicely. Use homemade eyelash growth oils – they will make your eyelashes denser, too.

4. Hair
A nice hairdo will enhance your looks, too, because it conveys neatness. Never neglect your hair!

5. Use perfume
A lovely scent can add a lot to your attractiveness, and you will become more confident.