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5 Tips for safe online shopping

Would you like to shop at home, from the comfort of your couch? Are you worried that your order won’t arrive? Are you suspicious about the product’s quality? Are you afraid that your data will not be handled properly? You may want to know that online shopping is not only comfortable, but it also can be safe. The great majority of possible problems can be avoided if you become knowledgeable about shopping online.


1. Do you worry that you won’t receive your order, or that its quality will be inferior?

Online stores are only mediators of transactions; just like regular stores, sellers must disclose their companies’ names, location, contact details, registration and tax data.

The expert’s tip: if you are still unsure, gather some extra information about the seller.

2. Does it bother you that you can’t handle the product before buying it?

You can return the product in 8 days after receiving it. If this rule doesn’t apply to a particular product for some reason, the seller must notify potential buyers beforehand. You can submit complaints too. Contact the seller so you can work out a solution together

The expert’s tip: Take a look at the seller’s ratings before purchase.

3. Would you like to pick up the parcel in person?

Products ordered online can be picked up in person at the specially designated Pick Pack Points 7 days a week.
The expert’s tip: There is a fee to be paid if you pay by cash. Use a credit card instead.

4. Are you afraid that a third party might access your data?

Those websites that require registration require the sellers and use all kinds of security, technical and organization procedures in order to keep your data confidential.

The expert’s tip: The site’s data protection guidelines are usually found in the Terms and Conditions.

5. Don’t you trust online shopping? Is your bank card not suitable for online purchases?

In this case, choose to pay by cash, or use your bank card at the Pick Pack Points. If you decide to pay online, make sure to do secured transfers.

The expert’s tip: Secured online payment is signalled by a locket emblem.