5 Things People Most Often Regret on Their Death Bed

An Australian nurse who worked for years in an institute which, among others, took care of dying people, used her diary to record things that were regretted by people who were about to die.


The nurse reported her findings in her blog first, and then she published them in a book as well. According to the caretaker, these findings are very valuable to learn, because dying people tend to have a very accurate idea of mistakes they committed during their lifetime.

She thinks everybody can learn from this end-of-life wisdom, as dying people can be amazingly clear sighted.

Let’s look at the five most common statements:

‘Why wasn’t I brave enough to live my own life, and not the one that others expected me to live?’
‘I shouldn’t have worked so hard.’
‘Why didn’t I have the courage to show my feelings?’
‘I should have spent more time with my friends.’
‘I should have been happier.’

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