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5 things in your home that should be disinfected often

Disinfection has become especially important in our homes right now; don’t forget to disinfect the following five items either!

Coronavirus has made cleaning and disinfecting at home much more important, but that doesn’t just mean vacuuming several times a week. Various disinfectants are helpful, but our true friend at these times is 70 per cent alcohol from the pharmacy, which can be used to thoroughly disinfect smaller, harder-to-clean surfaces.

There may be some frequently used items that you don’t normally clean regularly, even though they should be wiped down with alcohol several times a day to prevent spreading of viruses and bacteria.

1. Mobile phones

Smartphones have grown on us, especially in the previous isolated situation, when we used them a lot to keep up with news and social networking sites. Several times a day, it’s a good idea to wipe down all mobile phones with an alcohol-based cotton swab, without getting the devices soaked, of course.

2. Laptops

Especially if you’re working from home also means you’ll be using your computer a lot more, so it’s essential to clean your keyboard thoroughly on a regular basis. An ear swab dipped in alcohol can come in handy, because it is easier to reach narrow slits between the keys.

5 things in your home that should be disinfected often

3. Remote control

Especially on weekends, when the children are at home, in addition to phones and laptops, the TV may be on more, and the remote control may be used frequently. Cleaning it should be done in the same way as for the keyboard: ear swabs and alcohol is the secret to success.

4. Door handles

It’s only during a thorough cleaning that most people polish doors and handles, including handles on cupboards; to prevent infections, however, this should be done on a daily basis. If you wish to spare the alcohol, you can use disinfectant water as well.

5. Light switches

Most light switches are touched multiple times every day, so they should be cleaned regularly. Be careful, however, as if you don’t do it properly, you might get electrocuted. Don’t even think of using a sponge with plenty of water if you haven’t turned off the power first. We recommend using alcohol and cotton swabs for this operation too, but it’s best to disconnect the power first.