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5 symptoms that may indicate a silent heart attack

A silent heart attack is like a “normal” heart attack but without the usual symptoms.

In one study, 515 women reported having a heart attack. The most common symptoms found in the study did not include chest pain. Most women mentioned fatigue, sleep disturbances and anxiety as conditions that preceded a heart attack.

80% of patients surveyed had experienced these symptoms for more than a month before actually having a heart attack. Only 65% of women called for any medical help for a suspected heart attack.

9 signs that can signal a heart attack

1. unusual tiredness
2. difficulty sleeping
3. anxiety
4. shortness of breath
5. absent-mindedness
6. pain similar to an upset stomach
7. pain in the upper back, shoulder or neck
8. jaw pain
9. a feeling of pressure in the chest or in the middle of the chest, radiating towards the arm

Sometimes the patient may not even realize that they have had a heart attack. According to one study, 200,000 Americans have suffered a silent heart attack in their lifetime. Unfortunately, these undetected attacks also increase the risk of future heart attacks. They are common among people who have diabetes or a history of heart attacks.

Symptoms of a silent heart attack

1. clammy skin
2. abdominal pain, heartburn
3. difficulty sleeping, tiredness
4. shortness of breath
5. discomfort in the chest, arms or jaw that goes away after resting

Our body sends us signals when it detects a problem. If you experience these symptoms, call an ambulance immediately!