5 signs whose love life will not be the best in 2019

The year 2019 comes with new beginnings, new chances and hopes, but not everything we want will become reality. It seems that for five zodiac signs this year will bring a lot of professional success, but also loneliness and disappointments in love.

5 signs whose love life will not be the best in 2019

Here are the zodiac signs that will not be very lucky in love in 2019:


Family-centered, loving and caring, Cancer women will not have anyone to share with the love they have to offer. Year 2019 brings them more money than the previous year, new opportunities on a professional level, but not a boyfriend with whom to share good and bad times.


It looks like the year 2019 may brings a divorce to some Virgos. Because of their exaggerated critical spirit, their life partner may put an end to their relationship earlier this year. Unfortunately, following this event, Virgos will not start other relationships throughout the year because they will focus too much on professional development.

5 signs whose love life will not be the best in 2019


Despite the fact that they are normally indifferent and cold, it seems that 2019 brings Scorpio natives depression, disappointments and difficult moments. They will suffer enormously because of their unfulfilled emotional needs.


Capricorn women will be lonely for the entire 12 months of the year; because of their exaggerated demands they will not be able to find a man whom they can fully accept. This does not demoralize them; they will keep hoping that one day they will find the perfect man.


Sensitive and loving Pisces women suffer enormously when they fell that they cannot find a life partner. Throughout the year, they will make various sacrifices to find a boyfriend, but the chances are not on their side. The advice of the stars is that they should have a lot of patience and pay more attention to people around them, because their soul mate may be one of these.

5 signs whose love life will not be the best in 2019

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