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5 signs that predict the end of a relationship

In real life, not all relationships are viable in the long run. A breakup may be traumatic, but there are some telltale signs that can project the end of a relationship. If we notice these ahead of the time, we have time to reconsider the relationship.

5 signs that predict the end of a relationship

1. If your partner contradicts you more and more often

A relationship evolves and changes over the years, which is a natural process. But if you find that your partner becomes increasingly hostile with you and contradicts you in front of others, your relationship might be in danger.

2. If he or she neglects you

If you notice that your partner does not feel as good in your company as he or she used to, and pretends that you are not even present, breakup is imminent. Try to discuss your issues with your partner before it is too late.

3. If your partner becomes aggressive

A person who has made the decision to break up with his or her partner often behaves aggressively before communicating his or her intention. Aggression is a way to show dissatisfaction and disillusionment, and also to provoke a reason for the breakup.

5 signs that predict the end of a relationship

4. A growing distance

If you spend less and less quality time with your partner and you do not even remember when you were together happily and had a good talk, you or your partner will end the relationship; it is too much strain live like two strangers under the same roof.

5. If your partner becomes increasingly indecisive

When someone feels that he or she can no longer bear the life with his or her partner, insecurity and panic will follow – it is a frightening thought that everything will change. Pay attention and talk out your problems as soon as possible.