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5 mistakes to avoid when cooking meat on the stove

The secret of the most tender pork or beef steak has nothing to do with the ingredients or the utensils used during the preparation process.

5 mistakes to avoid when cooking meat on the stove

There are some tricks that help you enjoy not only a perfect taste, but also an appetizing texture. If you try to avoid the following mistakes, you will surely enjoy the results:

1. Putting the meat too quickly in the pan

The pan wasn’t hot enough, and you already put in the meat? Most likely, the meat will stick to the pan.

Proceed the way professional cooks do: fry the meat in a hot pan. Add some oil into the pan, and when it gets hot but doesn’t burn or smoke yet, add the meat.

2. Turning the meat too fast

To get a delicious crust, you have to make sure that the meat cooks at constant temperature for a long time. Turn the meat only once. How do you know when it’s time for this? When the meat has a golden crust and you can detach it easily from the bottom of the pan.

5 mistakes to avoid when cooking meat on the stove

3. Moving the meat in the pan too much

It is tempting to press the meat with a palette or to turn it to all sides, but it is completely useless. The meat should stay unmoved in the pan to cook evenly and well. The advice of professional chefs is to put the meat in the pan and leave it alone until you turn it to the other side or remove it from the pan.

4. Cooking at low temperature

If you have the tendency to cook the meat at low heat so it doesn’t burn, you must know that this is a mistake. Turn the heat to the maximum and heat up the pan – this way you will get a juicy steak.

5. Eating the roast right away after cooking

Cooking a steak doesn’t stop in the pan. To enjoy perfect results, it’s very important to take the meat off the heat and leave it to rest for a while. During this time, the meat becomes more tender and the natural juices are distributed evenly.