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40 signs that you are a bad person, and you will never amount to anything

Who are you really? One of your formerly successful colleagues has made an embarrassing mistake; he won’t be kicked out, but he’s in big trouble. In such moments it will become clear who you are. Are you instinctively sympathetic? Do you show sympathy but you feel secretly smug about the situation? Or you even smile behind his back? Who are you?


40 signs that you are a bad person

1. You clicked on the title with some hesitation, because you felt the article may be about you.
2. You feel uncomfortable when you read about people’s success stories.
3. If you see a friend of yours taking a photo with a famous person, you become irritated.
4. You have an uncomfortable feeling when you think of your financial situation.
5. You think every person who achieves success abroad commits treason.

6. You hate politicians because they have access to perks you don’t.
7. You are more interested in the life of celebs than anything else on TV.
8. You remember more bad than good things from your past.
9. You envy those who are younger than you.
10. You despise people who spend $100 on a main course in a restaurant, and you think they are snobs.

11. You have dreams, but you don’t do anything to achieve them.
12. You enjoy negative people’s company, with whom you can gossip about others.
13. People who smile a lot annoy you.
14. If people behind you start laughing, you are convinced they laugh at you.
15. If someone pushes you on the bus, you become aggressive and start pushing others.

16. You feel satisfied if you see a successful person fail.
17. If you gained power, you would use it for revenge. You don’t even bother thinking of beneficial things you could do as well.
18. You spend big money on cigarettes, so you have to buy the cheaper detergent.
19. You don’t read small print; therefore you are free from any responsibility.
20. You wish you could scratch the side of every car that is more valuable than yours.

21. If you don’t have a logical reason to win an argument, you start yelling or crying, or you start talking about how much the other person hurt you. No matter what, just don’t lose the battle.
22. If you see someone lying in the street, you step over him or her. They must be drugged or drunk.
23. If you see a laptop in an unlocked car, you would sure steal it if you were certain you would never be caught.
24. You are not honest for honesty’s sake, but because you’re afraid of punishment.
25. As a believer, you help others with the sole motivation to get to heaven.

26. In your opinion, a college degree is indispensable nowadays, but you don’t strive to earn one.
27. You think winning the lottery is the only possible way for a breakthrough.
28. You feel lonely, but it frustrates you to meet new people.
29. You frequently lie and invent stories to seem like an exciting person.
30. You always want to be more impressive than others. If someone has seen a good car, you have seen two better ones. If someone has just bought a good pair of shoes at a bargain, you had bought a much better pair even cheaper a while before.

31. You always know what’s wrong with devices that broke down. If someone knows it before you, you’re quick to assert that they are wrong.
32. You like to talk rather than to listen.
33. In your opinion, showing emotions is a sign of weakness.
34. You always remember the mistakes of famous people first (Bill Clinton – Monica Lewinsky; Windows – the screen of blue death).
35. It bothers you that you are becoming fatter and fatter, but you can’t start an exercise routine because watching TV is more important.

36. The high price of medicine bothers you, but you are too lazy to prevent becoming ill.
37. You worry more about what others think of you than trying to figure out who you really are.
38. You only dress to impress others.
39. There’s always someone else to blame for your failures.
40. You wish you could be someone else you know. It never occurs to you that those people became successful because they had done things you hadn’t.

I hope nothing in the above list is true about you. But if something did ring true, you may benefit from the article by changing for the better. I wish you a lot of success!