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4 natural and cheap solutions to prevent sweating

Sweating is a normal process that mainly occurs when the body is exposed to physical stress, infection or very hot temperatures.

4 natural and cheap solutions to prevent sweating

Not all antiperspirants are able to provide complete protection during the day, even though many claim to offer 48 hours of protection. There exist ingredients in nature’s pharmacy that are more effective than deodorants, which have the added benefit of not containing chemical ingredients.

Baking soda

Mix some water and baking soda, dip your fingers into the mixture and rub it onto your dry armpits. Allow to dry and, if necessary, wipe off any excess baking soda with a paper towel.

Black tea

Black tea contains a large amount of tannin, which acts as a natural antiperspirant. Soak a sachet of black tea in half a cup of water, and apply the infusion onto the armpits with a cotton swab.

Apple cider vinegar

Pour apple cider vinegar on a clean cloth and apply onto your armpits. Apple cider kills bacteria and acts as a natural deodorant, and it is enough to use it once a day to reduce sweating.


The citric acid in the lemon destroys bacteria responsible for causing the odor. Cut a lemon in half and rub onto the armpits. Leave the juice for 15-20 minutes, and then wash the skin with cold water.