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This 30 second exercise is the secret of a long life. Learn it so you can revitalize yourself

Do the following exercise for 30 seconds a day to improve your blood circulation and prevent many diseases.

Soviet engineer, Alexander Mikulin designed airplane and jet engines during his career. Around the time when he turned 50 he was diagnosed with a serious heart disease and was advised not to do any physical exercise. This is how he became the inventor of vibration gymnastics which, if practiced daily, can prolong life even with decades.

Doctors initially had predicted that Mikulin would have only about 3-4 years to live, but he decided to take matters into his own hands. As an engineer, he took a closer look at how the human body functions, and realized that the root of every problem is in the blood vessels.

Mikulin developed a series of exercises that help protecting the health of the blood vessels and consequently of the heart. It takes only 30 seconds a day to live a longer and healthier life.

Vibration gymnastics consists of the following:

Stand still with your feet parallel on the ground. Rise up on your toes and then fall back onto your heels. When you raise your heels, the muscles contract and push the blood in the largest blood vessels upwards. When you go back onto your heels, the blood turns around and starts flowing towards your heart, thus reducing the strain on it.

Do the exercise for 30 seconds and then have a 10–20 seconds break.

Do the exercise 8–10 times a day. This exercise is recommended especially for those who do sitting work, and its added advantage is that it can be done in the office. It is really worth it to have short breaks and do the exercise for the sake of our health.