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3 zodiac signs that will have long and serious relationships in 2020

For the natives of the following zodiac signs, the new year comes with great promises for their love life.

1. Capricorn horoscope 2020

In the first half of December, Venus meets Saturn right in your sign, creating a perfect opportunity for a new relationship, which may easily evolve into an unbreakable bond.

Although Capricorns are also known as the pessimists of the zodiac, next year will be an extremely good one for them, especially in terms of love.

Venus’s passion, along with Saturn’s steadfastness, will work for you during this time. So, if you already have a crush, the time has come to approach him or her with confidence.

2. Aries horoscope 2020

Dear Aries, the Universe comes to you with an offer that is impossible to reject. You need to allow yourself to be a little more vulnerable and keep your guard down this year; the stars, in return, will give you the clarity needed to find your love.

At the beginning of 2020, the Moon will pass your zodiac sign and make you understand many things, both about yourself and about love. You will realize what love means for you once the butterflies and overwhelming emotions pass.

This way, you will be able to recognize the perfect partner when he or she appears in your life. This moment is not far away, so stay alert and positive!

3. Libra horoscope 2020

If you were born under the sign of Libra, you are one of the signs that will start a serious relationship in 2020.

Like Capricorn and Aries, your sign is a cardinal one. Therefore, the combination of Venusian passion and Saturn’s steadfastness will affect you in the best way. You will enjoy complete balance, and you will be much more open to a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

You will need to be cautious, however, at the beginning of January. You will want to be fully involved in a serious relationship, but you will feel that you do not know how to initiate it.

This obstacle will dissipate by the middle of the month, when you will figure out what a fulfilled relationship should look like for you.

If you are not born under any of these signs, but still dream of a successful relationship, do not worry. Stay with your heart in the right place and your eyes wide open, be honest and vulnerable. True love comes if it is awaited with passion and determination!