This 3-year-old shows in many ways how much he loves his sister

Nothing can replace love between siblings. The invisible ties between them won’t loosen over the years if the relationship is nurtured. When one has a sibling, he or she knows really well what it means to trust somebody unconditionally.

In the video below we can see a three year old boy showing his love to his baby sister. Such a relationship is very rare, as most boys don’t often show their emotions. Also, older siblings rarely appreciate the arrival of a little one, as they will stop being the focus of attention.

However, this little boy reacts amazingly to the arrival of his sister. He takes her in his lap, sings to her and strokes her cheeks. At the end, he also gives a kiss to the smiling baby.

The little princess loves her brother’s singing. It is very touching how much the two siblings adore each other.

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