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2022, The year of the water tiger: Chinese horoscope for the rat sign

What happens to the sign of the Rat in the Year of the Water Tiger?

The year 2022, Year of the Water Tiger starts on the first day of February and ends on January 21, 2023.

The tiger heralds energy, hard work, and desire for change for a better and more beautiful life. It also predicts a particularly prosperous year in which we will succeed in developing on many levels.


For those who are looking for a relationship and feel the need for a life partner and moral support, the year of the Tiger is an ideal time to discover true love. A special connection can come from where you least expect it, so don’t turn down any opportunities.

As for couples, those who are married or in a long-term relationship, 2022 will be a good time to feel at ease and love each other as they know best. The couples will not face much difficult obstacles to overcome, so the year of the Tiger will also be a year full of positive energy and zest for life for them.


It seems that the year of the Tiger is a year where it is advisable to take risks towards achieving greater gains. With luck on your side, you can succeed professionally and significantly increase the quality of your life. This will happen when you take risks and work on achieving your dreams, and don’t fall in the trap of hiding or taking shortcuts.


In terms of physical health, the year of the Tiger is a good year in which you won’t face any health issues that will change your life’s course.

However, what you really need to keep in mind is your mental health. Stress needs to be managed very well in the Chinese New Year. You may face negative energies that can destabilize you, but it is absolutely necessary to find the resources to overcome them and not let them affect your health.


The Year of the Tiger facilitates tremendous growth on the professional side. You will find the courage and strength of character to overcome rejections and make a major change in your life. Whatever this change means, it will bring only good and beautiful things. Those born under the sign of the Rat will find the focus they need to make their professional life a wonderful journey that they can truly enjoy, without any compromises or hassles.