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2014 will be the year of plump women

It’s been long ago since skinny women have become the norm. It is high time for Venusian shapes to come back into fashion.


It seems that soon we can forget about Twiggy-style anorexic girls; women smiling on the covers of magazines will be curvaceous, with round bottoms and full hips. The age of completely retouched photos is over. More and more fashion magazines are employing plus size models, who, contrary to popular belief, are not obese, but real and attractive women. It is almost unbelievable that they have ever fallen out of fashion, as they are the ones who are healthy and feminine.

Thin, skin-and-bone, sickly skinny girls have intoxicated public consciousness, and almost every woman with healthy weight dreams of a body these anorexic girls have. However, it seems that this year the images of skinny girls will disappear from tabloids, and a revolution will start so people learn to accept round figures.

This trend will have a great impact not only on fashion runways, but it will also help many average weight women, plump wives and round mothers to accept themselves easier, to gain back their long lost self-confidence, and it will teach them that they are attractive and valuable – as opposed to the ultra-skinny trend, which suggested to girls and women that they are worthless as long as they wear clothes larger than size 0. It was just about time to try and erase this absurd concept, and it is time for the full-figured beauty ideal to come back into fashion.

Heads up, girls, 2014 will be the year of plumpness!