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20 rules that will help you apply the law of attraction to get anything you want

The law of attraction teaches you to be the architect of your own life and to have control over feelings and your energy frequencies. It is about cognitive preparation which helps you create your own destiny.

20 rules that will help you apply the law of attraction to get anything you want
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It is very important to believe in the power of the law of attraction and to apply it every day. You do have to keep in mind, however, that nothing can be achieved without a conscious effort.

Here are 20 rules that will help you apply the law of attraction.

1. Love is never weak, fragile or delicate, but the positive force of life. Love is the source of every positive or good reality.

2. The positive force of love may create any beneficial reality, may speed up good things in life, multiply good things in life and bring change to any negative situation.

3. You can get only what you give. If you give out positivity, receive positivity automatically. If you give out negativity, you receive negativity automatically.

4. Whether your thoughts and feelings are positive or negative, they come back to you like a boomerang.

5. Describe and comment on the good things that happen to you during the day. Talk only about what you like; this way you will attract these things in your life.

6. You have an infinite capacity to talk about things that you like. Consequently, you have an infinite capacity to attract everything you want in your life.

7. Amplify your positive feelings by thinking of things that you like and love. Enumerate these things constantly until you arrive at feeling them more and more.

8. Life doesn’t just happen by response to you. Every domain of your life depends on you, and it materializes depending on what you think and what you feel when you refer to them.

9. Everything that you want also wants you. Money wants you, health wants you, love and happiness want you.

20 rules that will help you apply the law of attraction to get anything you want
Photo: Pixabay.com

10. You need to always start by cultivating a positive spiritual state. If you want to receive things that make you happy, you have to start by cultivating your state of happiness and emanating this vibration.

11. Your frequency of vibration is determined by your feelings, regardless whether these are positive or negative. You attract people, situations and events that vibrate at the same frequency.

12. You may change your frequency of vibration any moment by changing your state of spirit; circumstances around you will change too, adopting to the new frequency.

13. Many people allow their state of spirit to run in autopilot mode. They simply react emotionally to what happens to them, without realizing that their feelings are the cause for the things that happen to them.

14. Turn your back to things that you don’t like, and don’t charge them with your feelings. Conversely, say a very definite yes to the things that you like.

15. Accusations, criticism, complaints and finding faults are forms of negativity and all they do is attract conflicts into your life.

16. Remove words such as awful, horrible, terrible and so on from your vocabulary, and use words such as fantastic, wonderful, amazing and awesome as frequently as possible.

17. Your imagination puts you in contact with reality that you want or desire. Your desire and your feelings, once they are full of love, create a magnetic field that attracts the desired reality to you.

18. Desire wholeheartedly what you want, as every desire is an expression of love, and reality can be attracted with love.

19. Any desire you have and can imagine already exists. Regardless of what it is, if you can imagine a certain reality, it already exists in creation.

20. Always look for the positive in your relationships, and observe them much more intensely than negative aspects. If you do this, the other person will literally transform under your eyes, and you simply will not believe the positive results.