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13 signs that a man is in love

It’s no secret that women and men show their feelings differently. While women are looking for love confessions, the men gently stroke the hair of their love. As a woman, it is very as easy to get confused when we try to figure out what they think.

13 signs that a man is in love
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In this article we have collected some positive signs that show that the guy is really in love with you.

1. Pays attention and listens to you

How often do we share boring stories and unnecessary details with others? Constantly! A polite man is listening and nodding, but he really does not really listen. However, if a man remembers stories about your relatives, he believes that what you say is important. He wants to be close to you, and this will help him remember all the information you tell him. This is a very rare and valuable asset.

2. Accepts that he can lose

A loving man recognizes his mistakes and admits that he can lose. He honors his girlfriend’s opinion, and he is able to compromise and give up his stubbornness. And if he lets you drive his car… well, this act is worth more than any words.

3. He is always ready to repair anything

A loving man takes care of everything by himself, and doesn’t delegate jobs to you. You can forget where you keep the hammer or change the light bulb if you have a loving man around. He finds chores a great opportunity, as he can show how good he is at providing, and it is enough to ask him once to do something. From these tiny signs you can easily figure out how important you are for him.

4. He doesn’t mind if he has to meet your family

Meeting family and relatives of the other party frightens everyone and gives rise to many concerns. A really loving man, however, is ready to do anything to get closer to you, whether it is a meeting with a future father in law who happened to be a soldier, or a strict grandmother.

5. Wants your opinion when shopping for clothes

Men also want to look good. He probably thinks you have a good taste and understand fashion. If a man asks if you like what he wears, he definitely wants to impress you.

6. He likes to do everyday things with you

Boring and must-do things are also part of our lives. If a man is ready to go to a bank or to shopping with you, it means that he wants to spend as much time as possible with you.

13 signs that a man is in love
Photo: Pexels.com

7. He cooks to make you happy

If a man cooks for you, he is certainly in love with you. Men often step over their comfort zone by cooking, and are ready to cook only and exclusively for you.

8. He plans trips and doesn’t forget about the dates

Most men act spontaneously, while women love to design everything. However, a loving man plans to spend time with his love in advance, and always surprises her by something small.

9. He thinks you are beautiful… always

Every woman has days when she feels plainer than usual. A loving man will always tell you how beautiful you are, because he doesn’t like you only because of your appearance. In fact, he probably will not even notice the little blemishes you’ve stared at in the mirror for hours.

10. He can make sacrifices for you

If he changes his plans just to make you happy and gives up an important meeting if you’re sick, he’s really in love. With this act he tries to show that you are the most important for him.

11. He is proud of your achievements and supports your crazy ideas

A man regards the achievements of a beloved woman as his own. He never competes with her, and never envies her; instead, he tries to celebrate victories with her. Besides, if you want to eat chocolate at three o’clock in the morning, or you want to go to India, he’s with you. If this isn’t love, what is?

12. He fights for your love and is concerned about you

He doesn’t try to ignore your difficult moments, but does his best to ensure your peace and happiness, because he is afraid to lose you. No matter what direction your life takes, a loving man will always be with you. He watches over you when you’re sick, makes you laugh when you’re sad, laughs and cries with you. He shares his plans, desires and dreams with you, and wants to spend his life with you.

13 signs that a man is in love
Photo: Pexels.com

13. He is not afraid to look weak

It is a real challenge for a man to show his feelings. However, if he really loves you, he is not ashamed of crying during a sorrowful movie and honestly admits if he is tired. What’s more, he isn’t afraid to admit that he is afraid of losing you, because you are his weakness and strength at the same time.