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114 year old woman swears by raw eggs

Emma Morano, Europe’s oldest woman, turned 114, and she still swears by the diet her doctor recommended her when she was 20.

Photo: lastampa.it
Photo: lastampa.it

The record holder woman lives in Verbania, a town in North Italy. She was born in 1899, and currently she is the fifth oldest person in the world. She enjoys an excellent health, and she still cooks and does household chores.

She says the reason why she reached such and old age is that she eats a raw egg every day. She eats biscuits for breakfast, and washes them down with milk or water. During the day, she eats two eggs, one raw and one hard boiled, as her doctor suggested her almost 100 years ago. She eats pasta for lunch and ground meat with milk for dinner. Oh, and she doesn’t say no to sweets either.

Photo: lastampa.it
Photo: lastampa.it

According to her, besides raw eggs the other secret of a long life is sleeping enough. She goes to bed before 7 p.m., and gets up before 6 o’clock in the morning.

Ms. Morano was born in Vercelli, in a family that numbered eight children. She got married in 1926, and she had a child who died under tragic circumstances at 6 months of age. She and her husband separated in 1938, but they never got officially divorced.

The woman used to work in several factories, and she was also an employee at the kitchen of the local boarding school, from where she retired at 75.