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100 years of fashion and dancing in just 100 seconds

Over time, fashion and dance have gradually changed – elaborate dresses and ballroom waltzes gave way to jeans, dance steps and modern rhythms. The video shows us the history of dance and outfits for a period of 100 years, in just 100 seconds.

Source: Capture YouTube
Source: Capture YouTube

These images are part of a short film entitled Birthday, produced in 2011 by East London Fashion to be shown the opening of the Westfield shopping center. It’s really charming to see the changes of dance styles and of fashion over time.
The images speak for themselves and they help us understand the beauty, expressiveness and originality of the different stages in the history of dance and costumes. Fashions change rapidly over the years, and so do dances typical for each time period. Young dancers prove their mastery as they give life to all the different rhythms that mankind used to dance to with great pleasure and joy.
As it can be seen, the passing years have brought not only changes in opinions and attitudes, but also new trends. We find it quite difficult to decide what’s more fascinating: the evolution of the fashion styles between 1911 and 2011, or the evolution of dance movements. Whether we are talking about dresses, suits, shoes, hats, all you’ll see in the video will be outstanding!