10 reasons why you should introduce red beets into your daily diet

Nutritionists strongly recommend the introduction of red beets into the daily diet. Red beets control glucose levels, help lose weight and have many other health benefits.

1. Red beets are a great source of nitrates which, when consumed, turn into a gas called nitric oxide. Both substances enlarge the arteries and reduce the speed of the heart rate. Specialists observed that red beets ensure the optimal functioning of the circulatory system.

2. Red beets reduce the levels of bad cholesterol and prevent the appearance of plaque. Red beets contain soluble fibers, flavonoids and beta cyanine, the component in beets that confers them the red color and the specific smell. Beta cyanine reduces cholesterol levels and doesn’t allow cholesterol to stick to the walls of the arteries.

3. Red beets are very good for pregnant women. They contain a huge amount of folic acid, which is essential for women as it protects babies from developing various disorders such as spina bifida. Expectant mothers also gain a lot of energy from consuming red beets.

 4. Red beets fight osteoporosis. They are rich in silicium, which has a very essential role in the assimilation of calcium. Calcium builds into the bones and teeth, so one glass of red beet juice per day helps prevent osteoporosis and protects the health of the bones.

5. Red beets keep diabetes under control. Persons who suffer from diabetes can enjoy the sweetness of red beet juice. This vegetable has a low glycemic index and keeps glucose levels under control, while also curbing sugar cravings.

6. Red beads treat anemia. Red beets contain a high amount of iron, which helps in the secretion of hemagglutinin that contributes to the transportation of oxygen to various body parts. Iron also fights anemia.

7. Red beets fight tiredness or fatigue and help maintaining vitality. Nitrates in red beads help enlarge arteries, so oxygen can reach all parts of the body.

8. Red beets improve resistance and sexual activity. Red beets are called natural Viagra as by the enlargement of the blood vessels more blood flows to the genital organs. Also, boron found in red beets is an essential chemical ingredient in generating sexual hormones.

9. Red beets protect against cancer. Beta cyanine found in red beets reduces the speed of development of tumors with up to 12.5% in case of patients diagnosed with breast or prostate cancer.

10. Red beets fight constipation. Due to their high fiber content, red beets are an efficient laxative that cleanse the colon and eliminate toxins from the stomach.

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