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10 important dreams you should always pay attention to

Most people claim that they are unable to remember their dreams. Many of us wake up thinking that we haven’t had a single dream during the night. This is not true. Everybody dreams every night, and according to psychologists dreams reveal problems that are bothering us during the day. In the following, we are going to present the ten dreams that hold great significance and send a message to us.

Ten important dreams you should always pay attention to
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1. Flying

Flying is a frequent dream that means we need to work on our willpower and ambition. Flying is about power and influence. If we fly well in our dreams, this means that we have made some important decisions in our lives already, and we are able to influence certain things and events. On the other hand, it is never a good sign if we fall during flying.

2. Falling

Falling is another frequent dream. We have this kind of dream when we feel that we have lost control. The immediate causes for this dream can be losing our workplace or an important person. Such events make us lose our strength and induce a feeling of vulnerability. If we dream about falling, it is a sign that we should face our fears and start working on them.

3. Water, river, creek

The element of water often appears in people’s dreams. If water is the main motive in a dream, it tells about our emotional state. If the water is clear, our emotional life is balanced. If we see a flood, waves or dirty water, it means that we are upset abou something. Dreaming about a waterfall signals a new opportunity and a new beginning.

4. Insects

If we dream about many tiny insects, this dream points to some problems that disturb our life and serenity just like insects would. Such a dream is a sign that we should start working on our problems.

5. Teeth falling out

It is a common nightmare to lose or break teeth. This dream again points to the fact that the we have lost control and power over some area of our lives, and as a consequence we have lost our confidence too. We have to find out whether this is true, and start working on becoming strong again.

Ten important dreams you should always pay attention to
Photo: Pixabay.com

6. Death

Dreaming about death refers to the fact that a period in our lives is coming to an end. There is no reason to get scared if we dream about death – it doesn’t mean the end of a life but the end of a certain situation, an emotion or an unpleasant state, and it signals the beginning of something new.

7. Pregnancy

Dreaming about pregnancy points to significant growth and expansion, for example a good business, workplace promotion, an opportunity or a major event in life.

8. Being chased

Being chased is not a good situation, even in a dream. The person who chases us embodies our fears, such as a problem we are trying to run away from. It is important to solve such problems, otherwise the dream will keep coming back.

9. Fire

Dreaming about fire may have multiple meanings depending on the context. If we see a fire from far away, this means some kind of longing. On the other hand, if we play with fire, it means that we find ourselves in difficult situations often. If we are trying to make a fire, this means that we are repressing anger in real life.

10. Being naked

According to dream researchers, nakedness means lack of security and confidence, especially if it happens in the street where lots of people can see us.