The Cutest Bathing Animals

Hedgehogs, dogs, sloths, and even owls enjoy baths. More or less.

While cats are scared away from the bathroom even by gurgling water, elephants become ecstatic by the very sight of a swimming pool. Let’s face it, even animals have their own preferences whether to take baths or not.

Truth be told, most of them don’t riot when they need to take a bath. They rather suffer through it somehow – reluctantly, with suffering written all over their faces, seriously, with a stoical placidity, or with quiet resignation. Let’s take a look at an adorable collection of the cutest bathers:

1. The hysterical, I’m-not-even-touching-it type:


2. The one who needs a companion:


3. The one who wants to get over it quickly:


4. The clueless:


5. The one that endures bath stoically:


6. The content:


7. The cautiously indulgent:


8. The wanton:


9. The happiest:


Which ones do you think are the cutest? Please comment.

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