Separated twins meeting after 68 years of living apart

The world of twins may seem rather mysterious to outside observers. The close bond between twins knows no barriers, and the following touching story demonstrates this fact.

The siblings meet after having been living apart for 68 years, and they don’t want to spend another minute without each other. The news of their reunion traveled the world, as it is a rare occurrence that a pair of twins would find each other after 68 years.

George Skrzynecki and Lucjan Posnanski were born in 1946 in Germany. Their mother lived in a labor camp, and fell ill and passed away shortly after their birth. The two boys were taken to Poland in 1947 in two different foster families, and knew nothing of each other’s existence for a long time.

Soon after George learned that he wasn’t brought up by his biological parents, he migrated to America, while Lucian continued to live in Poland. Last year, a woman asked for help from the Polish Red Cross, stating that she would like to find her father’s, Lucjan Posnaski’s family. After a long search, the Polish and American Red Cross managed to help the twin brothers find each other.

In the video below you can see the very touching moment of the reunion at the Warsaw airport.

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