Do you know the difference between brown and white eggs? Now you will find out

When you buy eggs, does their color affect your choice? Certainly yes, even if you are not exactly aware of what the different colors mean. Whiter and brownish colored eggs look completely different and they are often told to be of different qualities as well. Do you know why?

Do you know the difference between brown and white eggs? Now you will find out


The hens

The whole secret lies in the breed of hens. Usually white-feathered hens lay lighter colored eggs, while brownish-reddish hens lay brown eggs.

Is brown better than white?

Often, supermarkets claim that brown eggs are of better quality and sell them at a higher price; however, the color of eggshells is not in any way related to quality. There is no difference between white and brown eggs, neither in flavor nor in nutritional content – so brown eggs are no better than white eggs and vice versa.

Do brown eggs have a harder shell?

Basically, lighter and brownish colored eggs have shells of the same thickness. If you notice a difference between them, it is due to the age of the hen, not the color of the eggshell. The eggs of younger hens are mostly harder, and those of older hens are thinner and more fragile.

The next time you buy eggs, don’t pay more money because the egg is brown or white. Now you know that there is no difference between the two.

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