An adopted puppy’s reaction when she is allowed on a bed for the first time in her life

Jill Stafford adopted Millie, a young Bull Terrier. This puppy, who until recently lived in a cage, was offered the chance to enjoy freedom again, and for the first time in her life she got acquainted with a soft and warm bed. Her reaction is pure joy!

An adopted puppy's reaction when she is allowed on a bed for the first time in her life

Photo: Capture Facebook

The dog jumps and spins every which way on the bed, rolling on the soft and fluffy blanket. It’s incredible how so little can bring so much happiness in the life of a dog! Her owner is filming the event to keep these moments among priceless family memories, and the dog behaves so naturally that brings good humor and fun house unconditionally.

Millie feels perfectly at ease and she is very happy with how she is treated. There are lots of people who adopt pets that had a difficult life or lived in less than optimal circumstances. A grateful and happy pet can make anyone’s days more beautiful, the atmosphere in the house becomes more welcoming.

Millie learns about beds. Hilarious

Közzétette: Jill Stafford – 2015. november 5.

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