A student from Burundi starts singing a famous song. Her voice is worthy of an international star

Audrey Iteriteka is originally from Burundi, an African country in the vicinity of Rwanda and Tanzania. Although she doesn’t have any special musical training, her voice rivals that of a star. From the moment a classmate first filmed her singing a famous song, Audrey has proven an incredible native talent, and she has become a quick favourite of most people who watched the video. 

A student from Burundi starts singing a famous song. Her voice is worthy of an international star

Photo: Capture YouTube

Audrey is an orphan, and her nickname given by her colleagues is Beyonce. In the video, she interprets the song “Halo” with a special naturalness. With emotion in her voice, Audrey sings to her classmates in the hall of the school called “Lycée Sainte Thérèse de Gitega”, delighting everybody with her wonderful voice.

The joy with which the student sings the song, as well as the expressiveness of her voice moves us deeply. The video was posted online and received a lot of appreciation which encouraged Audrey, even though at the beginning she was very surprised by the positive reaction of the Internet users. Her musical talent enables her, without having ever taken singing lessons, to perform really difficult songs. Audrey sings simply because she loves singing and music.

Right now, she is not considering to participate in singing competitions; she only wants to delight friends and colleagues with her extraordinary interpretations. Among else, she sings “Without You” by Mariah Carey and “Mother” by Celine Dion.

For the moment, Audrey has to pass certain exams at school, but musical projects certainly will be part of her future career. With her fantastic voice, she might soon become a star. Congratulations!

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