Wonderful Hungary: an amazing video of the Somló hill

Photographer Roland Molnár records beautiful videos with the aid of a drone; this time he recorded a bird’s eye view video of the Somló hill.

Wonderful Hungary: an amazing video of the Somló hill

Somló is a 431-meter-high volcanic hill on the eastern edge of the Marcal Basin. The hill is a famous wine region, the smallest in its kind in the country: currently it has about 600 hectares of grape vines. The reputation of Somló wines used to be as high as that of the Tokaji wines, primarily because the fiery, acidic and robust Somló wines tolerate transportation well.

Somló wine is practically unknown beyond the borders of Hungary in our days, but it is considered to occupy an outstanding place among Hungarian wine consumers. Somló wine is produced exclusively from white grapes.

Molnar Roland’s three-minute aerial video reveals all the beauty of the region and shows amazing images of the vineyards, through the hill and all the way to the castle.

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