If Whitney Houston were alive, she would love this this young woman’s interpretation of her song

The voice of of the regretted singer Whitney Houston has remained alive in the minds and hearts of all music lovers. Such a voice is never forgotten, even if the person is not with us anymore. Whitney Houston’s musical legacy will last in time and will continue to inspire other singers.

Glennis Grace is a singer of Dutch origin who has become well-known after winning a talent competition in her native country. It is not by chance that she gained fame and appreciation after she interpreted one of the most beloved songs by Whitney Houston. The song One Moment in Time was the young singer’s key to success.

After that she participated in the Eurovision competition in 2005 and once again she became the winner of the show. After that time her career didn’t continue the way she would have wanted, but she still she gained a large number of fans. However, nothing in her career compares to the moments in which the young singer interprets songs from Whitney Houston’s repertoire.

In the video, Glennis Grace sings the song Run to You. With her ravishing beauty and gorgeous dress Glennis has conquered the whole audience even before she started singing, and her voice resembles uncannily the voice of one of the best selling artists of all times.

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