You should watch this video before going on vacation

You were waiting all through the year for the moment when you can say goodbye to your colleagues, pack your suitcase and leave on holiday to enjoy some freedom and fill up with energy.

When you arrive at your hotel, however, don’t forget one thing. Before you unpack and throw yourself on the bed, check the room. Bedbugs can be found in many hotels.

From the video below, you can learn which are the nooks and corners where bedbugs love to hide. Never put your suitcases and bags on the bed, as the bedbugs may crawl into them. Instead, place them in the bathtub or in the shower, and leave them zipped until you check your room thoroughly.

First, take a flashlight and check dark areas such as the headboard and the bedframe. Bedbugs prefer to hide in cracks and narrow slits. Also, look along the seams of the mattress; bedbugs love such places as they offer an ideal environment for hiding.

Tiny blood droplets on the covers and pillows are the most obvious telltale signs. If you see such droplets, notify the hotel personnel immediately. Then pull out the drawers and look at the shelves carefully. Check even the smallest cracks, as bedbugs love to take cover during the day. The presence of bedbugs doesn’t depend on the number of stars of the hotel; they can hide even in five-star hotels.

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