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How to treat an ingrown nail

If the margins of the nail grow into the cuticle, then the cuticle will be pushed up and it will become inflamed. An ingrown nail is a sad sight and a painful experience, but we can do something to reduce the pain.

Source: wikimedia.org
Source: wikimedia.org

Never pick and stab the inflamed area; this is not only painful, but it may cause a serious infection as well. To reduce the painful inflammation, rub 1-2 drops of clove essential oil into the affected area.

Don’t cut the nail into an arch shape, don’t wear too tight shoes, and don’t neglect taking care of your feet.

If your nail has grown inwards, go to a pedicurist for treatment instead of trying to cut it out yourself. A specialist will treat the nail properly. If the inflammation is cured, the ingrown part of the nail will be removed, and the nail will be allowed to grow back. During the growing period you will have to verify daily whether the inflammation is still present.

A specialist can also perform so called nail regulation to ensure that the nail grows back properly. The treatment may last up to a year, and you will need to see your pedicurist from time to time so she or he can check that the device fits firmly.

Persons who suffer from diabetes always should ask for the permission of their doctor before undergoing a nail treatment.