Top 5 of the most aggressive dog breeds

The following is a list of dog breeds that tend to be aggressive, often for no apparent reason.

1. Presa Canario

This dog is very muscular, with especially highly developed leg muscles and large fangs. Representatives of this race are not very big or heavy, but they are capable of pulling down a person easily. The dog breed is named after the Canary Islands, and is often used as a guard dog. These dogs tend to attack any person they find suspicious.

Top 5 of the most aggressive dog breeds

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2. Papillon

These tiny dogs have a difficult character. They can bite the man’s hand or a finger. The small jaws don’t permit the dog to make life-threatening bites. However, papillins get agitated easily, and are quick to attack and bite.

In particular, it is good to protect your children, as papillons don’t like playing and being embraced. Because of their innocent looks, children are attracted to them, but papillons will quickly show their character. Papillons have a history of attacking passers-by during a walk, so it is advisable to put them on a leash.

3. Rottweiler

These dogs can weigh up to 60 kg, so they aren’t afraid of any opponent. The breed first spread in Germany, and it is often used as a guard dog. Rottweilers are very dominant, so it’s better not to have any other pet in the house.

4. Pitbull

This dog breed, first introduced in the US, is known for its fearless character and ferocity. Pitbulls are strong and muscular. They attack people at the neck, sometimes without any apparent reason. Pitbulls are used in dog fights.

5. German shepherd

This dog is appreciated for its intelligence, spirit of observation and strength. German shepherds help in the search for criminals, drugs, weapons and bombs. They learn to obey orders easily. But many people have also been injured when attacked by members of this breeds. As a rule, the German shepherd doesn’t attack without reason, but there were cases when they attacked their own masters because of incorrect training. This is why any trainer needs to be careful with these dogs. Often, during the pursuit of an offender, a German shepherd may cause him deadly injuries.

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