The story of a saved baby squirrel

While filming a movie in the jungles of Ceylon, a British television team found a baby squirrel with a cold body that had fallen off a tree. Fist they thought it was dead, but the little animal all of a sudden stirred. The team tried to find its nest and family for a long time, but they were unsuccessful.

In the meantime, they started feeding the squirrel from a syringe and everybody fell in love with it, including the hotel personnel and the other guests in the building. The tiny animal started to like the situation, but by that time the team had to go home, and they couldn’t take their protégée with them because of sanitary reasons.

It nearly broke their hearts, but finally the team members had to confide the squirrel in the care of an animal rescue foundation. The members of the foundation raised the squirrel and they gradually reintroduced it to the wilderness and, according to their promise, they continuously notified the movie team of news about their little friend.





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