The Most Beautiful Autumn Wreaths

Autumn is very rich in attractive plants that can be suitable material for fantastic home decoration, either by themselves or in assortments. Some examples worth to be mentioned are walnuts, hazelnuts, decorative pumpkins and rose hips. Let’s take a look at the most beautiful wreaths made of autumn produce.


Apples, pumpkins, garlic and hot peppers

A wreath made of dried apple slices and hung on the entrance door will be welcome by birds for sure. The decorative pumpkin wreath has been made of only one type of pumpkin. Using garlic and hot peppers as decoration is unusual, even though both vegetables are usually dried in a wreath. Why shouldn’t we use these to decorate our homes?


Leaves and berries

Fall color leaves combined with some berries make a lovely, colorful wreath. Orange colored dried flowers, red rose hips, yellow-green striped pumpkins can also be used in lovely fall color range displays.

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