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The TEN gifts that any woman should have this spring

It’s easy to be happy when you get the right gift. But why wait for it? This spring, make your own gifts as often as your budget permits. A study conducted in 2015 by Professor Aaron Weidman of British Columbia University and published in the medical journal “Social Psychological and Personality Science” came to the conclusion that not only experiences that life gives us, but also material gifts can make us happy.

The TEN gifts that any woman should have this spring
Photo: Michael Battaglia/unsplash.com

Here are some things you can do this spring for your soul:

1. Buy a piece of jewelry to remember this beautiful beginning of the year. It can also be a way of rewarding yourself for a career or life success. You will remember the good feelings every time you wear it.

2. Invite your friends to a dinner in town and pay for it. A meal in a luxury restaurant that you wanted to visit for a long time will take you out of your daily routine. In addition, the good feeling that you treated your friends will last for a long time.

3. Fresh flowers on the table are a non-expensive gift that will make you smile every time you cross the threshold of your home.

4. Change the household appliances you use most often, or replace your bedclothes with new ones. Nothing compares to the taste of a strong espresso made with a modern appliance or the smell of new and fresh bedclothes barely removed from the packaging.

5. Choose a quality moisturizing cream. Invest a larger amount than usual in a quality product that will provide the care you need, or go for pure coconut oil.

The TEN gifts that any woman should have this spring
Photo: Brooke Cagle/unsplash.com

6. Make a visit to a used book shop and buy every book you like. Nothing compares to the smell of old books while sitting on the couch with a cup of tea alongside. And spring is the perfect time to focus on reading. It’s still not hot enough to go for long walks, but not so cold that you get sick of the heat of radiators.

7. Browse through the lingerie section of the mall and fill the shopping cart. Nothing makes a woman feel better in her skin than sexy underwear. It is also a proven method of increasing your confidence in your own attractiveness.

8. Nothing compares to pizza when it comes to gifts for body and soul. Forget about your diet for a few days and spoil yourself.

9. Buy everything you need and plan some relaxing time at home to charge your batteries for the spring. Buy candles, a bath sponge, put on a classic movie like Singing in the Rain. Forget about worries, friends, deadlines and family obligations and spend an evening alone with yourself.

10. Buy a new perfume. Try to choose something bold, outside your comfort zone and the effect will be guaranteed.

Whether you are applying one of these methods, or you are thinking of a personalized gift that is important for you, it is important that this spring you breathe and find time and money just for you. After all, life is about small joys that can charge us with positive energy.