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How to take care of your florarium

Whether you have made it yourself or have received it as a gift, there are many important things to know about a florarium. The miniature plant garden can be open or closed; in the latter case it has its own ecosystem, and the vapor that condensates on the inside of the glass walls irrigates the plants. An open florarium is not completely self-sufficient, but its irrigation system is also rather effective.

How to take care of your florarium
Photo: Pexels.com

To keep the plants in the florarium alive for a long time, you must provide them with both water and sunlight. They are also perfect for rooms where they are exposed to little sunlight and rarely receive watering. Nevertheless, it is possible to make mistakes that harm the plants; a florarium has its own needs.

If you see that the plants in the florarium start browning, take action at once. Browning is probably a sign of too much sunlight, which the plants don’t like. In this case, move them to a shadier place where sunlight doesn’t fall on them directly.

In addition to controlling sunlight, you need to provide an adequate amount of water. Florariums usually develop their own ecosystems, meaning that the water resulting from the evaporation is reused by the plants, so they don’t need to be watered frequently; once a month is usually enough. To avoid overwatering, use a spoon or an eye dropper.

How to take care of your florarium
Photo: pxhere.com

The size of the plants is also very important, as some varieties grow out the container quickly. To prevent this, cut them back regularly. Also look for eventual pests; once you see rotten or brown leaves, remove them immediately and take them out of the florarium, because when they get to the soil they start rotting and create an ideal environment for fungi.