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How to take amazing photos with your smartphone

Nowadays, technology allows us to take incredible pictures with our phone, which we can immediately post on various social networking sites. Photographer Lorenz Holder shares some of his secrets to get some amazing photos.

Source: Capture YouTube
Source: Capture YouTube

1. The first trick refers to panoramic photos. You can take interesting and unusual photos if the subject appears in different areas of the images; also, you can do short pauses instead of continuous panning.

2. Similarly, in panoramic shooting mode you can capture landscapes, buildings or people when riding in a car: simply hold the camera still to obtain interesting photos.

3. Zooming may reduce the quality of the photos. To obtain a stunning photo, use binoculars instead of the zooming feature on your phone.

4. You can apply a small drop of water on the camera lens to take a macro photo. This way you can capture very minute details.

5. For increased brightness, you can use a sunshield made for cars. Placed strategically, the sunshield will reflect the light onto the subject you want to take a photo of.

6. You can make a perfect support if you want to take a unique selfie. For this, you will need to have headphones that allow you take remote shots.

7. You can take underwater photos with the aid of a transparent glass.

If you have learned any other tricks, don’t hesitate to share them with us!