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Signs that your kidneys need more attention

Kidneys, as well as the urinary tract, are often neglected, and they will start receiving attention only when all sorts of problems appear. We all should take more care of them, but for those who have a diet based on high consumption of animal protein, or are on a diet such as Atkins, Dukan or the like, it is even more important to pay attention to the health of their kidneys.

Unfortunately, the diets mentioned above put a higher strain on the kidneys than other diets, because they require the body work harder to metabolize foods rich in protein. The idea that an average diet lacks a sufficient amount of protein is widely promoted; however, many nutritionists believe that in fact people tend to eat too much protein.

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Why kidneys are so important

Kidneys process the proteins for two important purposes: to separate amino acids which have to be assimilated by the body and to remove debris accumulated as a result of protein metabolism. These include urea and ammonia, both of which can become toxic if the kidneys can’t cope with the amount of protein. The kidneys are organs of detoxification positioned in the first line of defense. If they work correctly, they reduce the amount of toxins before these reach the rest of the organs. They also regulate the balance of water and minerals, which contributes to keeping cells hydrated. Besides all these, kidneys reabsorb substances such as some minerals before eliminating them in the urine. Finally, kidneys regulate blood pressure by releasing specific hormones.

Signs that your kidneys need attention

Of course, if you experience any of the above symptoms, you should consult your doctor to eliminate any risk of a serious health condition. There are many symptoms primarily associated with over solicited kidneys and urinary tract, but when you improve the health of these organs, you will most likely see improvement to other health problems as well.

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One of the simplest methods to ease the strain on the kidneys is reducing the amount of animal protein you consume. In addition, most people consume excessive amounts of salt; since the kidneys must maintain the balance between sodium and potassium for optimal functioning of the optic nerve and good health of muscles (among others), reducing the amount of sodium in the diet can help relieve the kidneys.