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See what happens when a lovely dance is interrupted by a surprise

Undoubtedly, a wedding is that exciting and invaluable event that should remain in the memory of the married couple and the guests. And what can be easier to remember than a party organized on the occasion of a marriage in which surprises just won’t end and fun moments animate the atmosphere. As with any wedding, music plays an important role and it should therefore be chosen carefully; but it is a rare and daring choice to orchestrate a sudden change from a touching song to a cheerful and fun rhythm.


Usually the opening dance is the event which signals the start of the fun, as we see in the video. The bride and the groom dance along with the parents to a slow and romantic song full of passion, but, as if by magic, the music changes and the protagonists begin a lively and engaging fast dance.

Given that those involved are not professional dancers, this moment has been prepared in advance with hard work and lots of rehearsals, and it was an unexpected surprise for the guests. They watch the synchronized and very original dance happily.

After a few moments, the protagonists invite their friends onto the dance floor to have some fun together. After a very short time, a lot of guests engage energetically into the choreography of this special moment. Cheerfulness is the keynote and all enjoy this wonderful evening they will never forget.

Lately, surprise dances have become commonplace in the planning and staging of weddings. It depends on everyone’s imagination what to conjure up to make this special day unforgettable, and as human imagination is infinite, these dances will never be boring; on the contrary, they will be special, original and above all a real surprise for all the guests.